Gastown has been a popular spot for me this Spring!! I can't really blame my couples for choosing it as their photo location though. It has a great, classic feel that is hard to find elsewhere in Vancouver. A few weeks ago a met up with Shannon and Jimmy there for their engagement session. As usual, we walked around, chatted, laughed, and took lots of photos. I was extremely impressed with Shannon's ability to walk around the whole area in high heels for well over an hour. This is admirable... my feet give out after, oh, 10 minutes (if that). Once these two got warmed up, they were rocking it like professional models! They asked to take a few 'night shots', so my lovely assistant Christine (aka, my wedding day lifesaver) came along to help out with the off camera flash. I love what we came up with!! So fun to try something new!

So, happy Wednesday. Enjoy my favourite shots, and I hope you are having a fantastic week! xo