Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Include Full Address
Please remember that lace up dresses can take up to 20 minutes to put on...
Include Full Address (photos will be taken by second photographer)
If YES, please indicate where the first look will take place and at what time
Venue Name and Full Address, Venue Contact Name and Email/Phone Numer
Does the minister or venue have any rules regarding photography?
Please specify which religion and outline any special traditions that will take place during the ceremony
If NO, please specify when family photos will be taken
Include First and Last Names
Include First and Last Names
Which family group photos would you like taken?
Please list the family photos and include each person's name.
(e.g. Bride and groom with sister, Sarah)
1.5 - 2 hours is recommended, Remember to take into account travel time
Remember to take into account travel time, family photos are generally taken at the ceremony site
Venue Name and Full Address, Venue Contact Name and Email/Phone Numer
Allow yourself 5-10 minutes to freshen up
What will the order of events be? Speeches, games, first dances, cake cutting, etc.
Wedding blogs or Magazines.
The guests love it!
The guests love it, and there's no added cost!
Lastly, a few gentle reminders to help your photos run smoothly! :) *
If possible, please have the both wedding bands and the engagement ring at the BRIDE'S getting ready location to be photographed. Remember to have a copy of the wedding invitation, and any other small details of sentimental value to be photographed too!
To ensure the time allotted for photo coverage is not compromised, please avoid running behind schedule at all costs. Organize as many things as you can ahead of time. Delays are often inevitable, but preparation will help you keep running as close to the schedule as possible! :)
While it may be tempting to start the celebrations early, please kindly remind your wedding party to limit alcoholic beverages until after the photos have been taken. Yes - DO enjoy mimosas in the morning, but please remind your group to be sober and co-operative during photo time.
We're SO exited!!!